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    Welcome to the new online home of the RediRad radio adapter family!

    Returning visitors and customers will quickly see that rediscoveradio.com is all-new. Please contact us if you find any errors or experience anything weird while you're here.

    We are very excited to announce a new-and-improved RediRad for use with AM-only radios! Many companies often say that their product is new and improved, but the AM-version of the RediRad truly is.The new AM-band RediRads will feature:

    •  Broader audio output bandwidth

    •  Superior carrier frequency stability

    •  Drastically reduced retail price

    With the old design, we offered four RediRad models for AM-band operation. With the new AM-based design, we are consolidating the two negative-ground models into one, and consolidating the two positive-ground models into one. Here is how it breaks down:

    •  The new negative-ground AM-band RediRad is RediRad Model RR-AM/N.
    It replaces and combines RediRad Models RR106N and RR100N.

    •  The new positive-ground AM-band RediRad is RediRad Model RR-AM/P.
    It replaces and combines RediRad Models RR106P and RR100P.

    There is even more exciting news for yet another version of the RediRad! We have received many requests from collectors of vintage in-home radios who want to use them to enjoy their music favorites.

    Introducing the RediRad-Home. Available soon, this "home" radio version of the RediRad seamlessly bridges the technology gap between your hi-fi console or table-top radio and almost any portable music source, including most smart phones!