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RediRad classic car radio adapter lets you listen to MP3/Satellite/iPod/CD players through your AM, factory-original Radio!
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Rediscover Radio

Say goodbye to cassette adapters and wireless modulators in your ride. 
Say hello to crisp, clear music with the universal RediRad.

Enjoy ANY portable player through ANY car radio:

2001 Accura Radio
2001 Acura Radio
1997 Jeep Radio
1997 Jeep Radio
1994 Cavalier Radio
1994 Chevy Radio
1984 Cutlass Radio
1984 Cutlass Radio
1962 Pontiac Radio
1962 Pontiac Radio
1951 Buick Radio
1951 Buick Radio

The revolutionary new RediRad radio adapter plays iPod, MP3, Satellite Radio, CDs,
or ANY other portable player through ANY car, truck, or boat's existing radio. 
Works seamlessly with either AM only (mono) or AM/FM (mono or stereo) radios!
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Gotta Getta RediRad... Gotta Getta RediRad... Gotta Getta RediRad... Gotta Getta RediRad...

Chevy Impala Radio Your Tunes on Your Terms
Enjoy your favorite music anytime from any portable music player using your unmodified original radio!

Seduction of Cars and Music

Do you love your car and also want to enjoy your favorite music when you go for a drive? What if you could use the original radio and enjoy your favorite music at the same time, for hundreds less than either radio replacement or conversion?

At last, you can enjoy the music from a CD player, iPod®, Sirius/XM® satellite radio, cassette player, or a simple portable FM radio without removing or modifying the original AM or AM/FM radio! Here’s how…

Click here to see more RediRad™ demonstration videos.

RediRad™ benefits include…

Made in USA
Easy Installation
Universal Design
Excellent Customer Service
60-day Money-Back Guarantee
Save Hundreds Over Conversions
No Interference from Broadcast signals
No Removal of or Modifying the Original Radio
Compact Size Makes Mounting Out of Sight Easy

…The RediRad™ offers all that and much more.

Try it Risk Free

We make the RediRad™ experience RISK FREE. Order one for yourself and see: In addition to having 60 days to ensure your satisfaction, the RediRad™ also includes a 12 month comprehensive parts and labor warranty. And since RediRad™ is manufactured and supported in the USA, we believe the product quality and customer service you receive will exceed your expectations.

Click here to view our Warranty and
Money-Back Guarantee policy


The RediRad™ is availble in FIVE versions:
(click here to view full selection guide)

Your collector car or truck retains maximum value because the original radio remains completely intact and functional. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars to modify it or replace it with something aftermarket.

RediRad™ for all AM radio, 12 volt systems - $129
RediRad™ for all AM radio, 6 volt systems - $149
RediRad-FM™ for the FM Band - $99
Click Here to see FM page

(Customer pays shipping and handling
Wisconsin residents pay sales tax.)

Click here for Detailed RediRad™ information

Corvette Radio
Easy to Use
Once installed, the RediRad™ automatically detects the signal source. To listen to your portable music simply turn on the radio, tune it to 10 (AM RediRad) or 91.1 (FM RediRad) plug in your media player, hit play and ENJOY!

Stytem Description PDF
Easy Installation
RediRad™ simply 'tees' between your vehicle's
radio and antenna! Click the above image for details....

1964 Oldsmobile Jetstar Radio
Nothing Aftermarket, Hundreds Saved
Have it all: an unbeatable price that maximizes
collector value using a universal interface. 
Crank it up and enjoy the drive!


RediRad won Best New Restoration Product for 2009 at the Hotrod & Restoration Show.

Brew City Engineering, Inc., is proud to announce:

The New 6 volt RediRad™ won
Best New Restoration Product for 2009

at the Hotrod & Restoration Show in Indianapolis.
Click here to visit the HRRS website!

The RediRad™ radio adapter, by Brew City Engineering Inc, comes with a 60 day RISK FREE money-back guarantee as well as a comprehensive 12-month parts and labor warranty.

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If you have questions call toll free 1-877-BCE-0203 or
E-mail us questions@rediscoveradio.com

The RediRad™ AM radio adapter and The RediRad™ FM radio adapters are proudly manufactured in the United States of America.

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