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    Having difficulty bridging the gap between your factory radio and your portable music player?
    We have put together some ideas to help you out...

    First, verify the obvious:

    •  Does the radio and speaker receive local broadcast radio stations? (The ignition key needs to be in either ACCessory or ON position for nearly all post-1960 vehicles)

    •  Do you have the right RediRad™ for your vehicle? AM-only radios need either model AM/N or AM/P, depending on the vehicle-ground type. AM-FM radios need model FM. The model identification is on the product label.

    •  If you have an AM-only radio, is your radio both on and tuned to 1000 kHz? ( HINT: if the radio display doesn't have “10”, “100” or “1000”, tune to the middle of the dial, turn on the radio and listen at the top of the hour for station identification. Adjust the tuner to get to “AM-1000”. Set the radio's middle push-button to AM 1000.)

    •  If you have an AM/FM radio, is your radio both on and tuned to 91.1 MHz?

    •  Is the antenna's co-ax cable fully inserted into the RediRad's™ mating cable?

    •  Is the RediRad™ co-ax cable fully inserted into the radio's antenna input jack?

    •  Is the RediRad™ properly connected to vehicle power and ground?

    •  Are the portable source / mobile device batteries fully charged?

    •  Is your portable source / mobile device output volume set to about 2/3 of maximum?

    Still stuck? Now verify the non-obvious :

    HEY! If you are new to either using a “multimeter” or measuring resistance and voltage, get help from an experienced friend. You will be an expert at this in no time...trust me! :-)

    •  Before connecting the RediRad™ power leads, start the vehicle and measure the battery voltage. Write it down. Then measure the voltage at the radio fuse. Write it down. Compare both to vehicle specifications. A difference of more than 0.2 volts between the two measurements indicates oxidized connectors and should be addressed.

    •  If at all possible, install the brass fuse power adapter onto either end of the radio circuit's fuse to energize your RediRad™. Click here to watch the demo video that shows you how to do this. This will ensure that both the radio and your RediRad™ will have power.

    •  Connect the small, BLACK wire to a reliable, known body/chassis ground point. The DC resistance between this point and the negative terminal of the battery shall be less than a few tenths of an ohm . Remember that you need a working knowledge of your multimeter.

    ...and if the above steps prove fruitless, contact us. Either email support@rediscoveradio.com or call 1-262-646-3363 and ask for Matt (he's pretty sharp with this sort of thing).