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    Radio Restoration/Repair


    The first time you turned on the radio in your pride and joy (whether it was fully restored or a basket case) may have left something to be desired. This is not the fault of the radio design, for contrary to popular perception, the automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) worked very hard to provide high quality car audio from the very beginning. But thirty to sixty years later, capacitors dry up and leak, potentiometers get caked with dust and nicotine and tubes and transistors fail. Actually, it is amazing that they work at all!

    You can make that annoying background hum, crackly volume control and weak reception a distant memory when you have your factory radio internally, electrically restored. Simply put, the listening experience difference before and after restoring your radio will blow your mind.

    You will add value dollar-for-dollar to the finished product because as we have seen, this is an area of neglect when a car undergoes a true restoration.

    Here is a list of qualified radio restoration shops that specialize in bringing your OEM audio back to life and sounding GREAT!

    These folks know their craft! Please remember to tell 'em the RediRad guys sent you!

    Jim's Sales and Service
    455 N. Gerdes St .
    Breese, IL 62230
    (618) 526-8492

    Specializes in pre-1980 (non-digital) radios

    Antique Radio & TV Shop
    556 Weiler Line
    Trout Creek, Ontario P0H 2L0, Canada
    (705) 723-5333 - Ask for Tony
    E-mail: radiodoctor@xplornet.ca

    Specializes in 1925 to 1970 radios

    West Side Radio
    8000 W. Appleton Ave.
    Milwaukee , WI 53218
    (414) 463-8282 - Ask for Mick

    Specializes in late-model (digital) radios

    JF Antique Radio Repair
    21128 Stonecrop Place
    Ashburn , VA 20147
    (703) 729-9432 – Ask for Jay
    E-mail: jfradio@aol.com

    Specializes in pre-1980 (non-digital) radios

    Vintage Radio Restorations
    900 Crestview Dr.
    Newberg, OR 97132
    (503) 538-2392 - Ask for Tony
    E-mail: webmaster@nostalgiasounds.com

    Specializes in pre-1980 (non-digital) radios

    John Klosterman Radio Repair
    Guilford , IN 47022
    (812) 212-5816
    E-mail: johnklosterman79@yahoo.com

    Specializes in 1930 to 1959 radios

    The Antique Radio Doctor
    1489 Rogue River Hwy
    Grants Pass , OR 97527
    (541) 474-2524 – Ask for Barry
    E-mail: radiodoc@rvi.net

    Specializes in pre-1983 (non-digital) radios

    Pete's Antique Radio Restorations
    Wyckoff, NJ 07481
    (201) 891 4899
    E-mail: pdtrk120@yahoo.com

    Specializes in pre-1976(non-digital) radios

    Bob's Radio Repair
    1415 South 4th Street
    Oceano, CA 93445
    (805) 489-8200